Post-NACA blues

Today was the last day of NACA. After so many amazing showcases, marketplaces, and ed sessions, I’m sad to see this weekend end. It was a great day overall- Bridgewater won outstanding presentation for school swap, our very own Gwen won an award, and one of my friends Arly from Suffolk University also won an award tonight! Here is a short video from bits of our tripSo to all of PC’s general members: we are always looking for new faces and if you are interested in attending NACA, the national conference will be held in Boston before you know it!




Good Morning everyone! I am writing from you in the Starbucks in the Lobby of our hotel! The reason I am here at 6:30 in the morning on this fine day is that the conference center is in the middle of a breakfast foods drought. This is not an exaggeration. The Starbucks is it. You could go for a 10 minute walk to Dunkin Donuts, but no one wants to tire themselves out like that first thing in the morning on a NACA day. That being said, the lines can be pretty extensive. Im not going to lie, Breakfast time for me is like a bear just before hibernation, mass quantities of food, eaten as fast as possible. Therefore I figured I would beat the rush of Associates and Delegates down to the good ole’ ‘Bucks.

On the plan today, we have 3 more educational sessions to attend and a few more Showcases on the books for us. Steph said I could go with her to the last Block-booking meeting today, which I was so excited about. I have never been in a block booking session and being that Block-Booking can be traced back to the founding of the NACA conferences, I think it is so important! My biggest piece of advice to any future NACA Delegates that Bridgewater State will bring to NACA is to take EVERY single opportunity that is offered to you by the conference. There will be so many times where you feel exhausted and worn down. its a long weekend. That being said, it has offered me so many valuable experiences that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do, had i not said yes to every opportunity. NACA is a “create your own adventure” type of conference. It is on you to make sure that the Moments you Create (the theme of the conference this year is create the moment) are the best ones for you!

I am so excited to continue with the Conference today and CAN’T wait to go back and share everything I have learned with PC and the rest of the BSU community! This Bear has to get started with his day now!

Until next time,


“It’s time to panic”

Gwen here!

Before you get too stressed out, please note it’s not actually time to panic. Today was a wonderful day! However, all epic journeys do come with their bumps in the road. This morning when Andrew, Matt and I were preparing for EIP (pronounced eeeeep!) we got an eerie message from the spirits of NACA.

As Andrew was frantically trying to download files and open mp4s and project our presentation for all to see we suddenly saw a box pop up in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Some anti-viral software decided to tell our fortunes by saying: “It’s time to panic.”

Luckily, this message actually eased our nerves with laughs instead of sending us into a state of hysteria. We then continued to kick butt during our presentation and enjoy the rest of the day scare free!

I went to a great ed session today about surveying students. I learned that some campuses have entire events dedicated to getting student feedback. They’ll market when surveys will be released (think posters that say SURVEY DAY IS COMING) and give away large prizes as an incentive. Some schools survey at the end of programs and have the last question of their surveys be about upcoming events. Brilliant!!

Brittany and Andrew did a killer job setting up our booth for School Swap. I loved seeing our hard work come to life. It was also wonderful to see other schools feeling pride in their programming boards. Getting free stuff is almost as cool as meeting new friends and learning new stories.

Okay – off to bed! Can’t wait for Day 3 🙂


“I got NACA on a cloudy day….”

“When students are bored, we got programming.” Gwen and I have spent a large majority of our down time rewriting songs to be about BSU and/or NACA. Good morning my friends! I am writing to you bright and early on this second day of NACA. Yesterday was already an amazing experience! While it has been fun an games, I have already been given so many opportunities to learn from NACANE17! I have been given the opportunity to network with so many professionals (also learned that Matthew Miller is somewhat of a legend in the NACA world). Beyond that we have been given the opportunity to watch performing acts in the Showcases (some of which we are very interested in bringing to campus) and then meet with the agents and performers (they are called associates here) and tell them about our council, gaining professional experience through networking experience, discussions of rates, and even a sharing of programming ideas. A lot of the associates that showcase at NACA and are at C.A.M.P. (Campus Activities Marketplace) are former members of programing boards that really fell in love with the industry. NACA offers internships that allow Undergraduate and Graduate students to learn both from delegate and associate experiences. I STRONGLY encourage all students to try to get some experience with the NACA organization if you can! Even if the field of work that NACA represents isn’t for you, there is plentiful opportunities for professional growth within your perspective fields!

The day did offer some curveballs of course. At the end of Thursday night Gwen and I learned that it is not a good idea to use internet based presentation sources at NACA, WIFI is not your friend, and always ask Matt to double check if he has a flash drive.

If you were wondering, I started this blog post before the conference today and am now finishing it at 11:05 tonight. Today was amazing. The first educational session I attended was called Creating Ethical Moments, More than Right versus Wrong. This session challenged the delegates in attendance to define our own morality and really apply morality to situations where we feel uncomfortable. the presenter, Adam Frank, discussed that in decision making, there is much less frequently a right or wrong but rather 2 rights that a person should chose between. this conflict is something that is frequently faced by student leaders, and we must follow a moral or values code, in order to lead an organization to be honest. We ended this ed session with a series of case studies that placed the responsibility of student focus groups to determine the outcome of a situation. This ed session provoked constructive thought and i think a similar seminar would be a value to our campus.

Following the Ed Session, Gwen and I presented on behalf of Bridgewater State University for the Excellence in Programming presentation. We were both very nervous, considering the many road bumps that we faced along the way, however, we realized that the presentation was really just us being tasked with something that we already try to do: talk about our passion for PC and create moments for others. We felt really great about our presentation and received a great deal of positive feedback from other schools delegations. This presentation gave us some amazing networking experience and really trained us to be professional, yet still express our creativity in programming.

After the presentation, we attended a lecture showcase, a few C.A.M.P. sessions and  Spotlight Showcases. A spotlight showcase focuses more on variety entertainment, where as the lecture showcase shares informational speakers that you can bring to your campus. After all of this NACA-ing we were FAMISHED. Matt had been pushing a barbecue place ever since we arrived so we figured, “might as well give in and let Matt get his Barbecue” (I may or may not be exaggerating). While the food was delicious, we ordered to go, and barbecue is not the more on-the-go friendly food. It was all over me. I I had Texas heat barbecue sauce smothered all over my hands.

After this we had school swap. For those of you who are not familiar with NACA, school swap is a place for students to share programing ideas, see what other schools offer for SWAG, trade swag, and appreciate the work that other organizations put into their work! BSU worked really hard to make our booth in school swap. Any how, I must get some beauty rest for tomorrow. Au revoir!


School swap

Hello everyone! Today was NACA day 2 aka the arrival of the infamous school swap!! I managed to finesse some pretty sweet merch for our PC general members! Also, Andrew and I managed to arrange this beauty that was our school swap table with little to no malfunctions!Hope the judges are as happy with it as we were! The scrapbook and DIY event jars were also a success with other students. I’m so proud to be a part of the BSU PC delegation with our invincible school spirit. It was another day of great performances but now NACA is more than half way over. I have a feeling the best is yet to come!


NACA Updates

Hailey here, with some unfortunate news. Daniel Franzese (Damian from Mean Girls) could not make it to his showcase. I had tweeted at him a few weeks back about taking a picture with him and he replied happily, “Of course!”. Except it didn’t happen because he wasn’t actually here. That was the most depressing part of my day. Oh also a second depressing moment was when Dunkin put some chunky vegetable-looking cream cheese on my bagel this morning, when all I wished for was plain cream cheese. Other than those two unfortunate incidents, I can happily report that NACA is going just swell otherwise. I learned a ton from my ed sessions this morning, and enjoyed the showcases of course! I am looking forward to School Swap which will be happening soon and will be covered by one of my fellow delegates. TYYL!