A BEARy exciting NACA

Day three at NACA Nationals has been amazing! Today I started my day by attending an ed session surrounding entertainment vs. justice. This ed session went into depth about being purposeful about self reflection regarding diversity and inclusion. It emphasized that acknowledging your failures is as important as acknowledging your successes. The second session I went to today was about homegrown events. This ed session connected me to a wide variety of ways different campuses cut their budgets and build tradition in their self sustained programing. Also, last night, Molly and I were able to attend a Social Change Lab that surrounded group values. I believe that these sessions will all be very helpful when considering the preparation for the rest of the semester and next year. In addition to that we got the chance to watch amazing lecture and main stage showcase events in addition to networking during the Campus Activities Market Place. Today was amazing because the Plain White T’s performed! It was a wonderful day to throw it back to middle school dances everywhere. On to the point you are all waiting for… what did we eat today? I started my day at this really cute local coffee shop called Dunkin’ Donuts. I ordered an egg and cheese on an everything bagel. For lunch we traversed to Amelia’s Taqueria where I had the most artfully and quickly created burrito. For dinner we attended a Fun Enterprises Client Appreciation Dinner. That’s all! I am sad that tomorrow is the last day, as NACA is always an inspiring experience. Well that’s all for now.



Jacob’s “Escape”ades in the Sheraton Hotel


Today, the one and only Jacob Cabral managed to lock himself in a stairwell in our hotel. If you are unfamiliar with the Sheraton Hotel in Boston, it’s a very beautiful hotel, with great amenities, and amazing views. However, with those views, comes the 29 floors of the tower, hence why the elevators are not very effective at carrying the 350+ colleges and universities attending this year’s conference. Due to Jacob’s lack of patience and immediate need to get to the eighth floor (of which we reside this weekend), he asked a staff member where the stairs were. The staff member opened the door to what Jacob describes as a “sketchy” stairwell, and after Jacob enters, the door closes behind him. The door locked and there was no doorknob, there also apparently were no other exits that were unlocked. He panics, because alas, the rest of the delegation are at CAMP, and too far away to help him in his time of need. He then proceeds to call the front desk, and two staff members find him on the third floor, after he had told the front desk that he was on the second floor. The ordeal lasted approximately 20 minutes.

*This blog was posted with the consent of Jacob Cabral.

Everyday is a Great Day to be a Bear, and Today Was No Exception!

Woohoo, day two of NACA folks, and we can hardly “bear”ly wait to share what I’ve learned today. Our first education session began at 9 am, but a bears gotta eat, so we arose from our slumber at the crisp hour of 7 am. My first session that I had attended was entitled, “Turn Up the Volume: Amping Up Your University’s Lecture Series.” This ed session was led by a professional staff member from the University of South Florida, and she gave us incites into booking lectures, marketing techniques, and a variety of other topics related to bringing speakers to campus. My second educational session of the day was “Programming with a Purpose: How Assessment and Research Can Elevate Your Campus.” this session was led by a graduate assistant from Appalachian State University and discussed analyzing programming and the importance of “reverse planning.” We also got to participate in CAMP on a few occasions, went to a lecture showcase (tying in nicely with my first ed session), and saw a variety of performers at the main stage showcase. For dinner we went to the FUN Family Dinner, which allowed us to network with other students around the Northeast Region.


Day 2: The Late Version

I just want to S/O Lauren our lovely GA for making a beautiful blog schedule. Now I jus apologize for not following said schedule for this morning. Please forgive me!!!! But Day 2 has been going great! My first ed session was seriously awesome and I learned some valuable tactics other schools use for strategic planning. I enjoyed the Standup NBC as well as the Lecture performances. The stories told were amazing and I wish I could bring them all to school. Can’t wait for tonight with some more Showcase and tomorrow THE PLAIN WHITE Ts ARE COMING!!!!! WHAT MY MIDDLE SCHOOL SELF IS SO HAPPY!!!!! Chat ya later


Day 1

Wow NACA has been really everything I have expected. I met a wonderful woman from Washington state named Ellie during our Diversity and Inclusion ed session. We discussed our programming boards and I realized how things can be done so differently. But I also had a great time during the session and realized how much work we have to do to be the programming board that we want to be.