Almost 2 weeks after NACA, Still Happy

Wow! I can’t believe that NACA we left for NACA almost two weeks agin. As I reflect on my NACA experience, I always think of my favorite Ed Session “Happy Hour 24/7”. There I learned the power of positivity and that hugs need to be 6 secconds for them to register in your brain and release dopamine (the happy chemical). The happiness that I learned about in this session is how I feel overall about NACA. I absolutely loved our delegation. I felt like I got close with every person in our delegation at least one moment with each person. From getting breakfast with Hailey and Brittany every morning to going to get barbecue with Matt and taking selfie with the bear (see below) there are so many little moments that made NACA special, I’m hoping that I can now make these little moments happen for each person that comes to my events whether it be with little things like a photobooth added to an event or announcing that they are the winner of a prize. Though I could probably say 1,000 more things I’ll let these pictures say the rest.


A Conference Like No Other -Thank You NACA!

10 days have passed since we have returned from The NACA Northeast Regional Conference and the memories are still fresh in mind and will be for years to come. It was my third regional NACA conference with Program Council. I am so grateful for this opportunity that the organization has let me participate in during my time as an undergraduate. I really dove into this conference like never before absorbing all I could from anyone and everyone that was in attendance.

The conference offered so much to myself and other members of the delegation that we were able to have many different take-ups aways that will impact countless BSU students for years to come. If I had to pick one, it would be exploring the world leading others into more of an in-depth way. Two ed sessions stick out in my mind when I explore this topic. One session called “It’s Lonely at the Top” presented by the fabulous Ken Abrahms when we all learned from each other and what was going on our organizations. This was an unplugged session with no technology and just discussion between other student leaders around topics that are common around organizations. This was such a meaningful conversation because often as leaders in clubs we don’t have people around us to help work them through any issues but with this exploration into the subjects helped us to find the root of the problem. I also attended a session about working with and developing a connection to an on-campus mentor. This made me think more as to who are my people on campus that I can go to who push me, cheer me on and tell me how I can improve myself. Among other types of programs and events, I can’t wait to share all my ideas with many different individuals at BSU.

As the Block Booking Delegate from BSU PC, I got to entwine myself with a lot of behind the scene work with putting interest in for different performers and artists we wanted to bring to campus for the students. In this role, I worked my time at CAMP and made every effort to meet all the performers and agents. This was by far my favorite part of the conference was when I got to meet in person the agents and associates that I had been communicating with via email for the past couple of months in my position. When I finally got to meet them in person, everything came full circle. Forming that in-person connection with the associates was genuinely remarkable because we were able to build on our relationship and I was able to represent Bridgewater in person for this agent or performer. These moments were a part of the lesson that I learned about myself and how I am networking with other people. Learning how to have more meaningful conversations at NACA was a vast personal take away from me. I truly lived in the moment when asking questions and talking with other students, professionals, and associates. Plus I really enjoyed connecting with some stellar BSU Alum that turned student programming into their career.

The theme of the conference was “Create the Moment.” Coming back from NACA I plan to make each event that I put on with Program Council a guest experience event. I want to look more into the marketing for my events because once you introduce the performer that is just the program. But exploring different types of marketing activities or hype events are what I am looking forward to working on in the Spring of 2018. I would like to examine types of events that can happen before my performer maybe during the day or before my event. NACA has been a huge part of my life at BSU and the experiences from the conference will help me to create unique moments for as many students as I can at BSU. Over and out PC NACA Blog!


NACA Reflection

There were many highlights of NACA, but probably the most exciting takeaway for me was the Marketing Round-table Discussion ed session. I was able to gather many new and exciting marketing ideas for PC and am excited to put them to good use for our organization’s benefit.

One thing I learned about myself is I have a big interest in marketing. I know I am the Director of Social Media, and I like my position, but I am very interested in broader marketing as well. I enjoyed bringing ideas back to Angela and working with her to see some of those ideas put into action.

Moving forward, I can help create the moment in my work with PC and at BSU by using the knowledge I’ve gained from NACA and expanding it, not only by myself but by working with other E-board members as well as general members.



Bring me Back to NACA

NACANE 2017 was absolutely INcredible, everyone! This conference gave me the opportunity to grow as a student, a leader, and a person. I was able to meet so many new people and learn from each person individually. I think that the main takeaway that most of our delegation got from the conference was to really put yourself out there. Go meet someone new, ask the questions that are on your mind, introduce yourself to people, and really try to learn something from everyone.

My highlight from NACA had to be the breadth of opportunity that I was able to experience at the conference. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to represent BSU alongside Gwen in the excellence in programming presentation, which really helped me see how we can represent our organization on campus. I was able to work with our delegation to make an awesome school swap booth. this booth really allowed us to showcase our school and organizational pride, which is something that PC excels at, in my opinion. I was able to network with many associates and see a variety of performers, which will allow me to help other members of our organization work with vendors and look for cool new opportunities. I was also able to attend a Block Booking session with Steph, where I learned the process of showing interest in bringing specific acts to campus.

Apart from that all, Speaking with professional and other schools in the field really allowed me to harness the concept of what it means to a part of an organization, and what it means to really consider what other people are going through and the struggles that other people face. In PC, we are always working as a team and we are also always going through out own strife. It is important for us to consider how we impact each other with our words and actions. The ed session  that was most impactful on me was Caught up in intersections, presented by Conor Leary. This session really allowed me to look at how I work with others and view others, but also how others view me. Conor presented an extensive outlook on the way that we should work with each other. I also went to an ed session on Micro-agressions which aided me in really considering the way I speak, and other peoples words can leave an impact. People need to consider Intent v. Impact.

I will continue to help PC create the moment by networking with other organizations on campus. I will make sure that all of the memories we make for students are positive, or at least meaningful (every event can’t be for every person, but we sure can try!) I will continue to work with a passion for PC and BSU because being around so many people that love what they do is inspiring, and I hope that I can help someone else get the same passion!

Thank you NACA 2017 ❤



Rainy Day Reflections

Its now been a week since NACA and I’m still pumped from it. On rainy days like today, it helps to think about all of the events and programs that went on that weekend. I feel like if I was able to go to NACA at the beginning of every semester I would do so much better in school. There were so many opportunities to learn about collegiate programming as well as myself.

The lesson I always go back to is the stages of motivation that I learned from one of my Ed. Sessions. It put into 4 stages what humans feel when we are motivated. That first stage is when you’re pumped and you’re going to get everything done and it is going to go amazing and everything will be perfect. The second stage is when the truth hits that everything might not be as fantastic as you thought it would be. Three is then your decision in how you’re going to tackle your feelings from stage 2. You can either be Optimistic or Pessimistic. and from there stage 4 is completing the task or realizing that it might not be feasible. I have put this into my life this past week and I’ve also used it to reflect on instances in my life where I was feeling unmotivated without knowing why. Those who know me know that I have to know the “why” to everything. By learning the why, I can usually figure out a solution based off it. This expression of motivation has helped me the past week figure out how I can better myself and stay motivated. It has also helped me help others. Everyone in their life has a friend who has hit a low and they aren’t motivated to do anything. Being in PC we are one big friend group and there are going to be people around us that just aren’t motivated. It could be a program that didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to be, it could be they aren’t doing well in a class, or it could be just senioritis. Any where the source of lack of motivation is, understanding the steps to being more motivated can help. In PC not everyone will be motivated 24/7 but helping each other prove us to be as productive as can be and a happier group of people. I would like to help as many people as possible with what I learned at this Ed. Session. I think it would’ve been great if everyone had the chance to go.

Something I learned about myself was that I can be a lot more out going than I once thought. I contributed in all of my Ed Sessions even the public speaking one where he asked for volunteers to do a quick, spur of the moment, 2 minute presentation about anything. I have always been an anxious and shy person but given the circumstances I’ve been discovering that I can break out of that shell for a bit. PC and NACA have certainly been helping me develop this skill. I never thought I would be one of the people to rush the stage and start dancing at a smaller concert like the ones held at NACA. I never thought I could go up to people and just start talking like with the associates. While I didn’t go super out there and do some salsa dancing like Andrew, The Salsa King, I did push my boundaries a lot during NACA and I think that that will help a lot in not just my life in PC but also my professional and personal life. While I’m still heavily an introvert I am learning that it doesn’t define who I am. You can be an introvert and still be super sociable and inviting.

I’ve been super long winded but there’s one last thing I need to talk about. The theme for NACA this year was “create the moment” and I’d like to think that I certainly did that at NACA. Now I want to help create the moment in PC. As ambassador I can try to get everyone involved and feeling comfortable and appreciated. I am trying to be a person that anyone can just come up to and start talking to. By being more out there in PC I’m trying to keep the new image of myself that I like that I can be welcoming and friendly. Having been super introverted and anxious, I can relate A LOT to the first time members who don’t know anyone yet in PC and I want to really help create the moment for the members in that situation. Joining such a large close knit organization is super intimidating no matter what time of the year you join. As ambassador I want to help those members so they aren’t just scared away and we can continually grow and help as an organization do the best we can with programming on campus and by doing so, create the moment for the entire campus. Our programs could not be run without our super awesome amazing team of volunteers comprised of all of our general members.

Finally my blog post comes to an end. Today has been a rainy day so I have had a lot of time to ponder and reflect upon NACA, Myself, and what I can do for our wonderful organization. I won’t be surprised if everyone got bored reading by now and clicked away since I’m reaching 900 words about NOW. <– Word 900.  Honestly though, NACA was one of the best experiences I have had in my college career. That saying a lot because while in college I’ve gone to Israel and achieved many feats that I never thought would happen. The fact that it is up there with those is saying a lot. There are some post-NACA blues but over all it was a very happy and exciting experience that I learned a lot during. I strongly urge anyone who is thinking of going to (<– 1000 Words) NACA Nationals to apply. It is a once in a life time opportunity that you won’t regret.

Thanks Everyone!

-Ian Cuthbertson

Until next conference!

Hello everyone, Gwen here! There’s been so much to think about and reflect on post-NACA. I still have some of the NACA song rewrites Andrew, Sara and I belted out stuck in my head. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to attend such a thought provoking conference. Year after year I find myself connecting with passionate student leaders who make meaningful differences on their campus, I’m not sure anything inspires me more!

Talking with other delegations about the way they structure their boards pushed me to think more creatively about the way we run PC BSU. Often times we get stuck in the mindset of “we do this because we’ve always done it this way,” but NACA helps me see that there are many different versions of successful programming boards. I want to take these perspectives, really delve into our mission and see how we can shape our board to make more differences at Bridgewater.

NACA helped me see that while I still have a lot to learn, I know a thing or two about programming and campus life. Being able to present with Andrew and then with Casey made me feel confident about the skills I’ve been learning throughout my college journey. It felt nice that other students and professionals regarded Bridgewater highly. It is cool to think about the rich history of Program Council, we have been around for over 40 years! Some programming boards across the region are just beginning to form. I feel lucky that so many past students and professionals have dedicated themselves to the success of our organization. I’m proud to represent such an impactful organization.

The theme of NACA this year, Create the Moment, has been something we have been working to infuse in all of our programming. I want to challenge our programmers to think creatively, to personally invest themselves in the events they put on. The more positive memories people create on our campus, the more they’ll enjoy their college experience.

I’m looking forward to having conversations with BSU students about the lessons I’ve learned and the memories I created at NACA. Big, sincere thanks to a wonderful delegation that made this conference worthwhile. I am so proud to work closely with all of you.



Be Happy because it Happened

Wow, it’s already Saturday. 3 days ago I walked into NACA with very little idea of what to expect. Now I’ve learned so much and had so much fun that I’m not ready to leave. As much as I loved Showcase and CAMP, my favorite thing had to be my ed sessions. Today I learned how to Network  more easily and how long to hold a hug for so that the brain will register the hug and release dopamine. In case you’re wondering, its 6 seconds. I loved that the ed sessions that I thought were going to be for personal developement gave me ideas to better PC while also bettering myself. I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned and bring it back to PC ❤