3 Days at NACA=1 Unforgettable Conference

So now that I have had some time to reflect, I think it is safe to say that NACAne has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Having the chance to connect with other delegates from around the region, as well as student affairs professionals and associate members was an incredible experience, and has increased my interest in becoming a student affairs professional myself.  Networking was definitely one of my favorite parts of the conference and maybe can even help me get involved behind the scenes of NACA someday.

In addition to the networking aspect, the educational sessions helped me gain perspective on different ways to program and how to program with a very small budget. I also learned what my leadership style is with the help of the TV show Glee, as well as the many ways in which I can get into assisting a programming board besides beginning my career working in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

CAMP and showcases were another fantastic experience that I cannot fully express my excitement for in words. Not only did I have the opportunity to watch fantastic performers each day, but I also got to meet many of them during CAMP. I was able to participate in a magic act during camp, as well as have my mind read by Eric Dittelman and be hypnotized by Eric Mina. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and being in front of a large crowd definitely was exciting,

Overall I feel that this conference has benefited me in not only giving me ideas for programs for all of the organizations I am involved in, but also by giving me valuable networking opportunities to help further myself in my quest for higher education.

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Final Reflections

After being back from NACA for almost a week and having some time to reflect, I can honestly say NACA was amazing! Not only was it a fun experience, but I learned a lot about programming and how to be a good leader in Program Council and at BSU. The educational sessions I attended were all helpful and contained information I can bring back to PC in terms of how to change up series programming, member recognition, and dealing with conflict within the programming board.

Looking back at NACA, I don’t think there was anything I disliked; all of my ed sessions were well-put together and very informative, and Showcase and CAMP were both super fun. My favorite parts of NACA were going up to the stage during the showcasing bands with some of the other delegates, and playing with the animals that were brought to CAMP including a lynx, rabbit, ferret and crocodile! It was great getting to connect with performers who I enjoyed watching; they were all so down-to-earth and awesome to talk to. I also enjoyed reconnecting with our vendor-friends Mike’s Music and FUN Enterprises, and a few performers who have come to BSU including Jeff LeBlanc, BroadCast Hearts, and Ebony Stewart.

If anyone who is interested in programming wants to attend NACA, I would absolutely recommend it! Not only is it good for the purposes of programming, but also in figuring out who you are as a leader. For me, NACA was an incredible experience which I hope to repeat in the coming years; and I hope it can be just as amazing for other future programmers, executive board members, and PC General members!


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NACA: Great time, Greater people!

After being back for slightly over a week now, i have had some time to reflect on my experiences at NACA, and each and every one i treasured more than the next.  The Educational sessions were the most important art of the whole NACA experience, because that is where all of the learning  took place.  I learned several things including that a program board’s reputation is not just based on the programs they put on, but how its members display themselves to their school’s community.  I also learned the importance of knowing a person’s likes and dislikes and using that to have give them the position that best fits them. Another session i had focused on time management, which is an important skill for a program board to master.  All of this knowledge I will bring back to campus to help improve the programs that the Program Council puts on at BSU. The time management tips that i have learned can be a valuable asset to the programmers and event managers who put on events.

I would definitely recommend anyone interested in programming and improving the events that Program Council puts on to go to and enjoy everything that NACA has to offer.  Not only are there great things to learn at the Ed. Sessions, but it is amazing to see the performers show their talents at Showcase, or walking into CAMP and meet all those performers face to face.  NACA is also a great place to meet people from other schools, who are on other program boards. NACA is also a great place to bond with the members of your own program board having fun an learning about programming all at the same time.

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Final Reflection Post

Now that I have had the time to reflect on my experience at NACA, I have had realized how much I truly gained from the experience. My Ed sessions were all incredibly informative, the showcases were so entertaining, and camp was a blast.

There were three Ed sessions that stuck out to me he most. The first focused primarily on marketing, and my notes and ideas seem endless. I cannot wait to try and implement some of our marketing ideas. The second Ed session was on Pinterest and programming. Previously I had not given any thought to using Pinterest, but it is full of great and affordable marketing ideas. Lastly, I attended an Ed session that revolved around peer coaching. It was helpful and insightful to realize how you can impact others through a few simple steps.

My favorite showcase was a slam poet, though I cannot remember his name (I think it was Neil). He was so involved in his poetry, and you could really feel the emotion in his voice when he spoke. I was so wrapped up in his performance I forgot where I was.

Camp was super overwhelming at first, but we took our time navigating, and I talked to a number of vendors.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience. I feel that my trip to NACA was incredibly beneficial to me, my position, and ultimately the campus. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend NACA.



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Farewell NACAne

Being a part of my first NACA this year, was something that I never thought I would be able to do (partly because I did not even know what it was until this year). The four day convention that seemed like it lasted for a month, unfortunately had to come to a close. But, the things I took from it will stay with me for the rest of my life. Through the Ed sessions I got to learn all about what kind of a leader I am and how to improve my life and committee. Through all the showcases I got to experience diversity, and really get a glimpse of the things our campus would love. But, over all my favorite thing about NACA had to be that we came together as not just a delegation… but as people and friends. We shared laughs, food, and great experiences together and that something everyone can remember.

So until next year NACA, Farewell.

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Looking back at naca

Overall NACA was an amazing experience. The Showcases allowed us to discuss as a delegation who to bring to campus. The educational sessions inspired us to reach further. The CAMPs allowed us to really understand where the performers were coming from. But even more importantly our delegation was able to bond as a group.
Throughout the course of NACA I was able to spend more time with members and really talk to them about their life goals and their aspirations for this upcoming semester. The most important part of this organization (PC) are the students that all work together to make it better . And through this experience we were able to see how we all come together to make PC a dream team. I am grateful to have had time to make our team stronger through this experience.

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Educational sessions

The educational session that I attended today was on series programming. A series program is a program that occurs at a specific time in a specific place and can but does not have to be related in theme or activity. The purpose of this session was to not only educate us on the pros and cons of series programming, but also to help spark new ideas within our organizations.
One way in which we were able to spark new ideas was through break out sessions. During these break out sessions we talked about advertising, maintaining, and refreshing our series programs. Group members were allows to share their success and downfalls with series programming as well as help others to bring new ideas to our organizations. Through this session I realized the benefits of series programming.

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