Leaders in Service: Ed Session

In this ed session there was a great amount of brainstorming about how to involve more community service in programming, which I think is incredibly important. There were ideas involving personal health, the elderly, children, the environment, and a couple others. 

We were told to get into small groups and discuss a program we could put on for a particular service. My group chose the environment, and we came up with the idea for a campus clean-up. The incentive we came up with was that we could get reusable coffee cups that would be accepted at coffee shops like Dunkin, and they would get the cups if they volunteered. This way it would reduce the waste caused by the plastic and styrofoam cups and the campus would be cleaned of litter. 

Community service is beneficial and necessary for a multitude of reasons as it is very important to give back. I think the more that we can institute this principle, especially with how the world is going right now, the better off we all will be here at BSU. 


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