Although NACA has been filled with numerous highs (great showcases, informative ed sessions, enlightening conversations, need I go on?) there have been some lows on this here adventure.

  1. We don’t have a lot of rules in Program Council, but we don’t joke around about food. Last night, Casey told us that there would be free breakfast in the morning and then admitted to complete deceit. After hearing this bold faced lie, one dramatic tear fell from Angela’s eye. The upside to this story is that all other tears have been produced by deep laughter from comedians and moving words by talented poets.
  2. I can’t escape from the name that NACA has gifted me. It started with my name tag and then moved it’s way to my coffee cup. When I was traveling around CAMP, one performer glanced at my name tag and decided to call me Grendel. Yup, like the scary, hairy monster from Beowulf.
  3. To end on a high note, Katie went down the front desk and asked for two towels and two face cloths. Naturally, she was given the entire linen closest of our 20 floor hotel. 4 bath mats and no face cloths, but we aren’t complaining.

Tonight my stomach hurts from laughing (and my thighs hurt from doing synchronized lunges across the conference center lobby.) Looking forward to another successful day tomorrow! img_0455img_0458IMG_2435.JPG


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