Ed sessions

Today my two ed sessions were More than Heroes and Heritage and Naked and Afraid: Programming Survival Skills. In Heroes and heritage we discussed how cultural events are more than just the food and music and how it is not the cultural organizations responsibilities to put on these types of programs. Ideas for cultural events are a hispanic heritage month bingo in October, a misconceptions series (where there is a panel speaking on the misconceptions of different demographics), and a diversity week (where multiple organizations come together and plan events celebrating many different cultures. Strategies they gave to be successful with planning cultural events are rely on resources that give insight to the student body, identify goals unique to heritage programs, cross campus collaborations, and acknowledge programming realities unique to cultural events.

In Programming Survival Skills, the presenters gave a list of ideas to remember when put in a situation of an even not going as planned. They are as follows; stepping out of your comfort zone, team work and working with a group (you can not do everything alone/ask for help), being resourceful (use donations, collaborations, volunteers, old decorations), positivity (be flexible), and do not give up.


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