Ed Sessions

This morning we had our very first ed sessions! The two I went to were about diversity and community outreach. The first one, “Missing Pieces and Language Matters,” focused on how to include, respect and empower all groups of students on your campus. My favorite take away from this session was the difference between “diversity events” and planning events with diversity in mind. This sparked great conversation within our own delegation about how we want all programmers to plan their events intentionally, with emphasis on collaboration and cultural diversity.

My second ed session, “Partnering and Developing ‘Leaders in Service,’” focused on community outreach efforts. In other schools nationwide organizations are required to do at least one community outreach effort a semester. Our delegation talked about the benefits of planning one, large scale, community outreach effort as an entire organization. The vision is planning the event with both executive and general membership, that way the entire council has ownership over the idea. We have so many passionate hands on deck, I can only imagine the impact we could make together.

After the ed sessions we went to lunch and processed all of our sessions. We brainstormed so many different ways we could help our organization evolve within the next year. We talked in depth about collaboration. In order to reach larger audiences and grow our own programming expertise, we must work alongside outside organizations who have knowledge to share. Katie spent a lot of time thinking about how to best utilize our ambassadors, while Angela considered different ways we could show other organizations we support them through PR. It was an extremely successful day. I’m going to sleep feeling nothing short of inspired.


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