Today started our journey of Education Sessions. We participated in two different sessions, per person. My two sessions were: “We can’t afford Beyoncé // Re-thinking Concerts for a More Connected Audience” and “Fallon & Timberlake #friendshipgoals: Maintaining a Personal Relationship in a Professional Setting.”
My first ed session talked about the four key elements a event needs to be successful. These four things were 1. Relevant 2. Authentic 3. Valuable 4. Emotional. The presenters discussed the importance of putting the emphasis on the event rather than the artist. If the event is a memorable one, people will automatically remember that the annual event will be good, regardless of the artist / performer. They also talked about some interesting marketing ideas they have used at their schools. These included creating a short video on social media the morning of the event – to hype people up. A second idea was creating a Spotify list of possible artists and each day one is taken off the list until the last day leading to the artist being revealed. 

My second ed session centered their discussion on starting with yourself. You have to have a good attitude and positive energy in order for others to respect you in a professional setting. They also discussed four major dos and donts. The four dos were 1. Communicate 2. Set early expectations 3. Know when to work and when to let loose 4. Take time for yourself. The four donts were 1. Bottle things up 2. Take things personal 3. Let them get away with things because of a personal relationship 4. Bring personal drama into the professional setting. These eight things were the major things to remember to help maintain a healthy personal relationship in a professional setting. 


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