Growing our Traditions and Being Excellent at Programming

So my first ed session on Saturday was about growing our traditions and it was a presentation by the CAB from Assumption College. They spoke about the way they evolved their Fall Family Weekend when they were faced with budget cuts and a lack of student involvement in previous years. They also faced similar problems with their welcome weekends program and talked about evolving it into their Welcome Week. My favorite part of this session was that I had the ability to speak with three other student leaders, all from different schools, about their traditions and I have a few ideas for events that I’m actually really excited about.

The second session on Saturday was actually where Austin and I presented on Excellence in Programming. We went second, after Roger Williams University who did an incredible job and gave me some really great ideas for programs. Now, we didn’t end up winning the Excellence in Programming Award, but honestly I’m so insanely proud both of the presentation that we did and the programs that we put on as an organization. Austin and I totally slayed the presentation (and looked amazing doing it) and I know I received a lot of positive feedback from people that attended and those that saw it on Facebook. I never felt as I did standing up and presenting yesterday and that is in no small part due to the fact that I have so much faith in the incredible work that this organization does and that we absolutely deserve an award for it. And I need to give a huge shout out to Casey and Brittany for being constantly supportive, as well as Brandon, Steph, and Michelle who watched our performance the night before and gave us some constructive criticism. Finally, I need to recognize Austin who had put up with my constant panic about this presentation and killed the presentation. He is more than deserving of the Ken M. Bedini Student Leader award and I’m proud to be able to work with him on our E-Board.

This is my last NACA, as I’m graduating in May and that’s a super sad thought but I’m so thankful to have been able to come with this incredible delegation and have the opportunity to learn even more about the work that I absolutely love doing on this campus. I love NACA, you love NACA, we love NACA, NACA ROCKS!


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