My First NACA ed. session!

The educational session I went to today was Cooperation, Collaboration, and Co-Sponsorships. It was about how to effectively collaborate and co-sponsor with other organizations on campus. They started by differentiating on the two. Co-Sponsorship will most likely have money involved. Meaning, one organization or both will contribute money to put on the event. Collaboration is when both parties are putting in similar amounts of work and effort. The presenters also gave advice on how to make these collaborations and co-sponsorships successful.

A few of the biggest take aways from this session are as follows:

  • Think about your organizations personal goal before you make a collaboration goal with another organization
  • Always make an agreement with the other organization before officially agreeing to collaborate or co-sponsor
    • Always involve the advisors in the agreement process
  • Goals make events happen
  • Utilize other organizations needs
    • EX: Greek life organizations need volunteer hours, we need volunteers

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