For today’s Ed Session I attended “It’s Good to be King”. This session talked about how much responsibility comes with being a President or Vice President (or on the Executive Board). With this, there was dissection deeper into methods and tips on how to go about tackling this responsibility while keeping the organization productive and energetic. 

The acronym CHAIR helps leaders recognize these methods. The H stands for hard work and is the letter that stood out to me the most. One of the major lessons that falls under hard work is to “realize that the buck stops with you”. I think that this was a big realization for me because it encompasses many aspects that I hold myself to within my personal life. Holding accountability and recognizing that, as leaders, we have to be able to stop any mishaps and redirect the group is vital. I struggle with this often, being afraid that people will think I’m bossy or annoying so the reassurance was certainly rewarding. 

Overall, I highly enjoyed the session. I simply wish we had more time together. I also plan on sharing the entire CHAIR acronym with our EBoard. Honestly, a leader in any stage can find benefits and tools through this session but it reigned particularly valuable for situations I’ve encountered as a Vice President. I am super excited for tomorrow’s array of activities and am sure I will be gaining more wonderful information from NACA!



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