Education Session Reflection

On Thursday, 5 November I attended my first education session titled Ceo of you; making your impact felt on campus and beyond. Looking back at all the sessions I attended, this one was of my favorite. It focused on how we can make a lasting impact on our organization and leave it better than it was when you started. Also I really liked how they presented it was something we can use at our organization but also in whatever career we choose to have after we graduate. The 3 major things we talked about are leadership styles, mission statements, and important components of an organization.

The first thing we discussed shortly after we sat down was 7 habits of successful people derived from a book written by Stephen Covey on leadership and success. Of the 7 habits, I thought the synergize trait was most useful because used think breaking down tasks and working together to get them done works best. This is one thing I’d like to implement more at our programs.

Next we compared important parts of a company and related it to the structure of our organization. I was amazed to see how similar the two were. To sum it up a company’s product is like our services, a company’s SWOT analysis is like our program evaluation, a company’s brand is like our logo, the company’s employees are like our team, and the company’s investors are like our audience. It is extremely important that we focus on all these components because each of them impact the organization as a whole.

When we first entered the room we were given neon green sheets of paper by the session presenter. On my sheet was the Amazon mission statement which stated “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything…” We analyzed a couple different statements and then  came to the conclusion that what you do isn’t as important as how we do it. This is the other component I’d like to focus on within our PC team.


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