First NACA ED Session of the conference

NACA is here!! I attended my first ED Session of the conference. It was named Making your Leadership Style work for you. At first when looking at the title I thought that we would be strengthening our leadership skills. But, it was about restructuring your Executive Board system! They discussed that their one school has switched their traditional e-board style to a two president system with five programers to help plan the events with the general members. The really crazy part about the change up was that they got rid of all committee meetings. So crazy for us as a PC Organization. I enjoyed the experience of hearing what other programs at other schools do to get the most out of their e-boards.

Another part I enjoyed was when the session discussed how they utilize their general members. Being a general member I understand how hard it can sometimes be to bridge the gap between the executive board and the general members. But some great things they do are leadership days/retention for all their general members to still feel a part of the organization event though they do not take part in an e-board role. Also since the general members don’t go to committee meetings they can get more involved in a programers planning and execution of the event. They will often be in charge of one specific part to help the event run without a hitch and can take ownership for that part. Overall it has been a great first day at NACANE and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

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