Day 1 – Reflection

The ed session I attended today was very informative and innovative. We talked about reconstructing our eboard and leadership structures; how can we improve committee meetings? how can we get more general members to become more involved? how can we balance general members vs. eboard? These topics were discussed in my ed session and were not only helpful, but informative. The specific title of the ed session was Making Your Leadership Structure Work For You.

The eboard structure of the university that spoke to us was unique and different from most. They scrapped committees and most of their programming positions. They emphasized using general members to plan events with the eboard, rather than simply volunteering. This gives these students a sense of ownership and responsibility for work they do in the organization, empowering them.

Restructuring the organization this was would be beneficial towards all members of the group. This would not only prepare general members for future eboard positions, but it would put both sections of PC on the same level.

Utilizing our general members more is an important aspect of the organization we need to work on. Restructuring PC in other ways can be discussed at future eboard meetings, as we should consider constantly evolving as an organization and move forward as the years go on.



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