Day 1!!!

Hello friendlies!

Today was the first day of NACA and it was super intense! One of the first things that I did to start off the day was to go to an Educational Session all about values. The education session really made me think about what I do not only in Program Council but also in other organizations and even within social work classes. We did an exercise where we had to choose 10 values that most represented us. Though this sounds easy, it was quite a difficult task. In life we always want to value everything and make everything important. However, narrowing my values down to ten blew my mind. To see those values put right in front of me helped me to identify with them not only as a person but as a student leader.

Another exercise we did with values was to look at the values of the organization. In Program Council, one of the things that we value is acceptance of everyone who joins or comes to events. In the back of my mind, I always knew this was a value in our mission statement but it never occurred to me how strong we exemplified this value. As soon as I saw Program Council’s 10 values I became proud to be in such an amazing organization.


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