3 Days at NACA=1 Unforgettable Conference

So now that I have had some time to reflect, I think it is safe to say that NACAne has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Having the chance to connect with other delegates from around the region, as well as student affairs professionals and associate members was an incredible experience, and has increased my interest in becoming a student affairs professional myself.  Networking was definitely one of my favorite parts of the conference and maybe can even help me get involved behind the scenes of NACA someday.

In addition to the networking aspect, the educational sessions helped me gain perspective on different ways to program and how to program with a very small budget. I also learned what my leadership style is with the help of the TV show Glee, as well as the many ways in which I can get into assisting a programming board besides beginning my career working in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

CAMP and showcases were another fantastic experience that I cannot fully express my excitement for in words. Not only did I have the opportunity to watch fantastic performers each day, but I also got to meet many of them during CAMP. I was able to participate in a magic act during camp, as well as have my mind read by Eric Dittelman and be hypnotized by Eric Mina. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and being in front of a large crowd definitely was exciting,

Overall I feel that this conference has benefited me in not only giving me ideas for programs for all of the organizations I am involved in, but also by giving me valuable networking opportunities to help further myself in my quest for higher education.


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