Overall First NACA Experience! :)

I would not change my first NACA experience for anything. There was so much I was able to learn from attending this conference and I cannot wait to put it all in play on campus. Between all of the different Ed sessions, showcases, and camps there was so much to take in. I would recommend this to any BSU student who is interested in programming because you can learn so much about programming and it’s a great thing to take advantage of.

The thing I enjoyed the most about NACA was all the networking that occurs. There are so many different students from different schools that attend and you get the chance to talk with a lot of different people and share ideas. I also enjoyed the constant excitement from everyone else at the conference knowing that it is because you all share the same passion for programming and even school spirit. One thing I would consider changing is the amount of musicians that perform at showcases. It’s not that I didn’t like the musicians but musicians aren’t necessarily popular on every campus so I would recommend trying to make a bigger variety and have a better balance of musicians, magicians, and other performers so that more schools can benefit.

The biggest thing I learned from the conference that can help benefit myself personally is about different leadership styles. Not only learning about different types of leadership but also why people may be different leaders and how to work with different leadership styles other than your own. The biggest thing I learned that I believe I can bring back to others on this campus is what I learned about different mission statements, constitutions, and bi laws. Being involved in different organizations on campus all of them have different regulations and this ed session gave me a lot of different ideas because even within programming boards all the different schools had different constitutions some that worked and others that didn’t. I can share my knowledge with what I learned from other students when it comes to making regulations and how to even phrase different things within a constitution or mission statement and most importantly how to review them to make sure everything is up to date and being followed.


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