NACA: Great time, Greater people!

After being back for slightly over a week now, i have had some time to reflect on my experiences at NACA, and each and every one i treasured more than the next.  The Educational sessions were the most important art of the whole NACA experience, because that is where all of the learning  took place.  I learned several things including that a program board’s reputation is not just based on the programs they put on, but how its members display themselves to their school’s community.  I also learned the importance of knowing a person’s likes and dislikes and using that to have give them the position that best fits them. Another session i had focused on time management, which is an important skill for a program board to master.  All of this knowledge I will bring back to campus to help improve the programs that the Program Council puts on at BSU. The time management tips that i have learned can be a valuable asset to the programmers and event managers who put on events.

I would definitely recommend anyone interested in programming and improving the events that Program Council puts on to go to and enjoy everything that NACA has to offer.  Not only are there great things to learn at the Ed. Sessions, but it is amazing to see the performers show their talents at Showcase, or walking into CAMP and meet all those performers face to face.  NACA is also a great place to meet people from other schools, who are on other program boards. NACA is also a great place to bond with the members of your own program board having fun an learning about programming all at the same time.


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