After being back from NACA for almost a week and having some time to reflect, I can honestly say NACA was amazing! Not only was it a fun experience, but I learned a lot about programming and how to be a good leader in Program Council and at BSU. The educational sessions I attended were all helpful and contained information I can bring back to PC in terms of how to change up series programming, member recognition, and dealing with conflict within the programming board.

Looking back at NACA, I don’t think there was anything I disliked; all of my ed sessions were well-put together and very informative, and Showcase and CAMP were both super fun. My favorite parts of NACA were going up to the stage during the showcasing bands with some of the other delegates, and playing with the animals that were brought to CAMP including a lynx, rabbit, ferret and crocodile! It was great getting to connect with performers who I enjoyed watching; they were all so down-to-earth and awesome to talk to. I also enjoyed reconnecting with our vendor-friends Mike’s Music and FUN Enterprises, and a few performers who have come to BSU including Jeff LeBlanc, BroadCast Hearts, and Ebony Stewart.

If anyone who is interested in programming wants to attend NACA, I would absolutely recommend it! Not only is it good for the purposes of programming, but also in figuring out who you are as a leader. For me, NACA was an incredible experience which I hope to repeat in the coming years; and I hope it can be just as amazing for other future programmers, executive board members, and PC General members!



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