My reflection on my last NACA

There were many things I loved about NACA. One of the main things I liked about NACA is seeing what other schools do for events and what unique events they put on for their campus. Networking with people is also the best part about NACA as well. Next up I would say the Educational sessions I liked after that. Although I was only able to attend two educational sessions those sessions went along with what I might want to do as a career and how I can help PC with advertisement. The biggest things I learned from NACA is that making your organization stick out by doing different out of the box ideas will make people want to go to your events and join the organization. Using what I have learned we can come up with different marketing ideas that have been successful at other schools and adapt them to BSU.

I would recommend this conference to other BSU students for many reasons. This conference is full of students just like us who are on programming boards on their campus. During this conference you get to learn so much about other schools and bring back ideas for BSU. Networking at this conference is fun and you get to meet so many different people that you would never have the chance to meet if you haven’t gone to this conference. While at NACA you get to work with different artists and performers and their agents to see if we can bring them to BSU. NACA is a very high energy school spirited conference and I would recommend it to anyone at BSU who wants to see what other schools are programming.


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