how do yo choose your favorite ed session?

After my last educational session yesterday I began wondering which ed session should I choose to talk abouts. I was fortunate enough to find every ed session to be extraordinarily beneficial to not just myself but my campus as well.  The one I found to be most beneficial to our programing board and BSU as a whole is “Homemade and Homegrown Events”. During this session we discussed the various to create a new and unique program that is as cost effective as possible. My favorite evn has to be the saturday morning cartoon event. the idea would be to bring back classic shows such as rocko’s modern life and hang around in pjs and watch it. some suggest the idea of a breakfast bar long with an open concept room filled with bean bag chairs. An event like this is versatile and can be used in everything from greek life to res life. There were many other events I cannot wait to get back and tell the rest about.

The other ed session that resonated the most with me was my very first ed session. It was titled “So You Want to be an Event Planner”. I thought it would consist more of the operational side of event planning however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Liz Covino showed us all the ways we can take our programing board experience and turn it into real world experience. By using key words you can easily make the things you do in PC marketable to future employers. She also showed us how what we do in pc translates to real life after college and all the different careers we can do outside of higher ed. I picked this ed session because its the one that changed my life. That sounds so dramatic to say but it is true. Before NACA Northeast I was unsure if Student Affairs was right for me, but after that hour with Liz Covino I realized the path I should be on and immediately felt like I had made a major change in my life that was perfect for me.


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