Final Day Ed – Sessions

The two sessions I went to were really interesting. I would say my favorite out of the whole. The first one I went to was named Show me the Rewards: Creating an Incentive rewards program from the Bottom up”. I liked this session because it taught me about different ideas for planning events and retention. During the session we talked about how to get pepole to help volunteer for the event and from there we talked about having a point system which we already have. They also talked about swiping people in and about texting the campus to let people know about events. Which I thought was a great idea, I think we should definitely bring that to our campus.


The second session was called Adding another special ingredient: Programming for Charities. This session was my favorite out the two. The school that presented had a really good presentation filled with videos and ideas on how to sponsor with a charity. For example, contact the larger ones first because they take longer to get back to you instead of the smaller local ones. In addition, I learned that there are so many more things we can do on campus for events that we do right now. I had never thought about donating to a charity with the money we collect, but it seems like a great idea.


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