Original post 10/30 NACA day one

Hey, Hey, everyone,day one of NACA, was a complete success! After, we all got here and got settled into our rooms the hype up began. The first thing we did was fuel up with some delicious food and attend my very first showcase. I could not even keep myself contained in my seat. Some of the Comedians had me crying, and then the musicians had me screaming my lungs out.

My very first “ED Session” had me very nervous. However, I overcame that nervousness as soon as I stepped in the door and found a bunch of bright and smiling faces. I attended the one about personalities and how they definitely effect all of you leadership. I was excited, because I learned that I am a very dominant and outgoing personality. We learned all about “DISC” which is the sets of personalities and what they work best at. What was even better is that we were grouped up with others that were the same personality types as me and it really showed how alike we all are. I took back some of the things that others said they do with their committee’s and hopefully I will be able to apply that to my own committee.

Well, looks like I need some sleep. See you tomorrow NACA!!


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