Ed Sessions Day 2

On day two, I attended two Educational sessions, Programming on the Cheap and Creating your Social Media Cache. The two programs were very different from one another, one being focused on programming on a budget of $100-$300. The other program focused on the different mediums of marketing that can be done in social media, such as twitter, facebook, and even snapchat. Both of these programs can be beneficial to not only improve Program Counsil, but can help better all of the organizations I am involved in.

The first session, Programming on the Cheap, was presented with the purpose to introduce cost effective ways to program, while ensuring that the quality of the program is on par with events that are of higher budgets. Some ideas that were shared were collaborations with not only groups on campus, but with local businesses that may provide reduced or free services for the students. Another idea that was mentioned was to, instead of spending money on a company and their materials, purchase the equipment and necessary materials to facilitate a program ourselves. The presenter, Joshua Luce from Sarah Lawrence College, gave an example of his own board doing this, such as purchasing make-your-own stuffed animal kits, ordering the stuffing and the unstuffed bears online, rather than having a company come in which could be more expensive. This session was full of other ideas that are cost effective and can result in a much greater reach and increase the popularity of our events.

The second session, Creating your Social Media Cache, was heavily focused on advertising through social media. This session, presented by Jason Meier, discussed the benefits of using sites such as Facebook, twitter, snapchat, or even Yik Yak to positively promote our programs. A suggestion that was made was to create a snapchat for the organization and have students who attend a program add the snapchat. We could then use the app to promote our events and meetings. He also suggested utilizing Yik Yak to promote the organization, because while it can result in a negative reaction on the app, the more reach the advertisements have, the better the attendance an event can have. Meier had many suggestions that were very different than the usual social media suggestions, and I feel that these suggestions can be used to program as well as to improve the quality of the social media for PC, RHA, as well as for my own residence hall.

Overall, I feel that these two sessions benefited me much greater than I anticipated and will have a very pawsitive impact on my leadership on campus.


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