Educational Session: 99 Problems but Time Ain’t One

Today I attended the Educational Session, “99 Problems but Time Ain’t One” which focused on time management and how to be ready and organized for events that may have a few “last minute” changes.  We started off the session by breaking off into groups and performing 99 different tasks as a group within a twenty minute time limit.  Each task was given point values to complete and the team with the most points won.  No team completed enough tasks nor had enough points to qualify to win (needed 100 points).

This activity and our presenters taught us many things about how to better manage our time and gave us 11 tips on how to better manage our time when building a program from an idea into a successful program.  One tip : know how much time you have, which called for a programmer to plan and recognize that time recognition is important to be started at a significantly early stage.  Another tip was to know the requirements for your tasks and allow yourself time for last minute “curve-balls” that could break your event if not handled properly.  I had a great time at this session and would strongly suggest that others pay attention to the advice that these presenters gave to us.

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