Day 1 ed sessions!

Day one of NACA has been awesome! Today, I went to an educational session called “The Icing On the Cake: Recognition on your Program Board”. It was run by Angel Seto,a grad student at Babson college, and Scott Shea, who is a program coordinator at Central Connecticut State University. This ed session was all about how to recognize the memberships of program boards, like Program Council for all of the awesome and hard work they put into our organization!

The first thing we talked about is how recognition  empowers members, and by empowering members, they’ll continue to empower our organizations! Some ideas that we talked about for recognition were a points system, members of the week/month, social media shout-outs, “traveling trophies”, and more! The traveling trophies idea is something Program Council doesn’t currently do, but is super cool! Members choose other members who they think have gone above and beyond expectations, and pass off something as simple as a painted rock(like “hey, you rock!”) to a stuffed animal of their school’s mascot! This is a cool way for members to empower other members, instead of it always falling on the shoulders of eboard! Overall, we already have implementations of most of the strategies we discussed, so I was able to talk to a delegate from a much smaller school who has troubles with member recognition!

Can’t wait to see what the rest of NACA holds!!


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