Kevin Bruin’s NACA National Experience

Ed Session 1.

My first Ed-Session was about being inclusive in programming and planning. In the session we discussed how to be sure to include everyone in advertisements and how to avoid offending someone with our programs. A few suggestions we received in the session were to be sure to use gender neutral language in our programs, but especially to use in our advertisements. In order to ensure that everyone feel included, we shouldn’t use images that depict a certain gender or sexuality stereotype. We also discussed co-sponsoring events with the GLBTA Pride Center. We could do events that raise awareness for equal rights and encourages students to be open and honest with how they feel. An ice-breaker I plan to use that was introduced to me in this session would be a great way to encourage this honesty. The activity began with each person writing down a secret on a small piece of paper, crumpling it up, and all at the same time throwing it in different directions. After this, the people administering the activity would then as if anyone has a particularly interesting secret they would want to share. After 3-5 people read, they open a discussion to have the participants talk about how they felt knowing that someone knows your secret, and you know someone else’s, but you don’t know who either are. This session was very helpful in learning techniques for inclusivity and will benefit me in all areas of professionalism.

 Ed Session 2.

My second Ed-Session focused on homecoming.  This session seemed to focus more on audience discussion rather than a lecture styled session. There was a presentation by the presenters, but most of the session consisted of being broken into groups and discussing different approaches and techniques to running a successful homecoming. A few ideas that were brought up were events that other schools did such as “Wear Red, Get Fed” which promotes students to support the school by wearing red to a specific area of campus and being allowed to get food for free because of it. I feel that this could become a popular tradition if we were to do it during the week and have the school host a large campus-wide BBQ, much like the one for freshman, except this one encourages school pride and participation. Another topic we touched upon was the homecoming court. Potentially due to our application process, very little non-Greek life students have applied to be on the homecoming court. A suggestion that was provided during open discussion on the topic was the have a period of nomination before the application process. If we were to go to the main clubs and organizations on campus to get nominations for homecoming, we would be sure to get a lot more names on the list. After the nomination period we would have the nominees then submit an application to the court. By doing a nomination process in addition to our application, we might see an increase of non-Greek students applying which in turn could increase the participation in the homecoming festivities by the non-Greek population. Overall the session was informative and game me a nice perspective on different styles of homecoming.


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