4 Tips to Create Amazing Experiences: Austin Gouveia’s NACA National Experience

My education session was led by Steven Harowitz, the coordinator for student involvement and leadership at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  In my Ed. Session, he talked about how creating an interactive experience could mean the difference between success or failure of a program.  In the session he introduced four tips that would help make each experience a good one.  His first tip was: “Be a Sherpa of emotion”, in other words, figure out what you want the people who are attending to feel and strive to meet that goal.  His second tip: “Use the five senses”, asks the programmer to harness and use each of the five sense (if possible) to create a more immersive experience.  His third tip was: “Give yourself enough time”, meaning plan far enough ahead that in case adjustments need to be made, it is not a rushed decision.  His final tip: “Love what you do”, which means that each programmer must enjoy the event they are creating to translate that into a quality, and enjoyable event.



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