NACA Nationals 2014 Educational Sessions

I was lucky enough to be picked to go to another NACA! This time is was NACA Nationals which was held in Boston this year. I was able to attend 2 educational sessions and I am ready to bring back so many good ideas for PC.

The First Educational Session I attended was The Unconventional Makeover:Programming with History, Aesthetics & Traditions

In this ed. session they went over how to plan unique or non-traditional events in locations such as mansions and older buildings on campus. While here at BSU we may not have mansions or any buildings that are like mansions the process that was talked about could still be applied to a future PC event. The process was called The 5 D’s. They include Define, Design, Details, Delegate and Disseminate. Define stands for picking a venue and what kind of event will happen in that location. Next is design, which involves coming up with a theme for your event but dealing with restrictions the venue might have. Details stand for actually planning the event and ordering food and such. Delegate stands for handing out tasks so that your whole programming committee can help out in the event. Cosponsoring can be a good idea to build traditions too. Lastly is, disseminate which stands for creating the advertisement and making the event known to the public. These steps we kind of already use in PC but if you had to plan an event in a unique space taking the 5 D’s into account would help the event run a lot smoother.

The Second Educational Session I attended was Transitioning Your Program Board

This ed. session was about how to successfully transition your E-Board. The top 3 points made were, To Find a process date to transition, find a way to pass down information and to share experiences.

A couple of ideas that came up about how to share experiences were

  • Create binders to pass down to others
  • Include letters in the binders
  • Flash drives with useful documents on them.
  • Position Shadowing

The position shadowing idea I thought could be very useful for PC. It involved having a general member or members shadow a current e-board member to see what the day to day tasks would include.

A question was asked at the session about how to get more members involved in your program board.

  • Keep Social Media up to date
  • Co-sponsoring is a good thing as it gets word out
  • Hand out tons of free stuff at the start of the new school year
  • Have bigger events at the start of the year to attract the new students

I feel like a lot of these ideas could be very useful for PC and I hope to implement some of them.


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