Educational Session review by Nick Burns

Day 1 Ed. session #1: Marketplace Tour

In this Ed. session I was able to get a first hand look at what CAMP looked like and what vendors were in CAMP. At the start if this ed session they broke down what CAMP was, techniques on how to make it successful and I got a sneak peak before anyone else at the conference as to what was offered.

Day 2 Ed. session #2: Co-sponsorship coordination

There were a couple of ideas I learned from this ed session. One idea that was discussed was make sure all groups the you co-sponsor with sign an agreement that states what each group will be doing. Here at BSU we as a programming board do implement this. I know from first hand that this comes in very had especially when there are more than one organization involved. The idea of collaboration came up a lot as the more collaboration you do the more you are getting the word out about your event. Including everyone and giving them a task to make them feel like they were a part of something is key as well.

Day 2 Ed. session #3: Homegrown Events

This Ed. session was very unique as the presenter  did not show up. This one girl decided to start a group conversation and we were all engaged by sharing ideas of what events we did on our campuses. Unfortunately we could not use the room so we had to go out in the hallway and make our own session. This was the best session every as we sat in a circle and just went around and talked about our homegrown events we put on. I wrote down every single idea so that I could bring it back to PC and maybe use the ideas for our own programming.

Ed. session #4: Volunteer Management

During this Ed. session we talked about how our membership is very important. We talked of ways to motivate them like doing member of the month and even taking it to another level by posting it on social media. We also talked about a rewards system or points system to reward the membership for all the hard work they do. PC does this very well and I was able to contribute what we do and the prizes we offer.

Ed. session #5: Membership  recruitment and Retention Strategies 

This Ed. session was presented by Framingham state President and Vice President of their programming board. The president was our very own Jen Harveys sister Olivia. This session was soooo informative. I was able to take so many notes on how Framingham states program board handles their recruitment and retention strategies. To highlight the most successful I believe surveying the members would be an efficient way to hear what they have to say. One thing that their board did was the day of their Involvement Fair they had a welcoming event right after the fair that way they can show the new students what they do. Another retention strategy was E-board day, this is when general membership takes over for an eboard member for a day so they get the true feel what the eboard is like. Another event was “PC Loves you” in which free stuff like coffee, lunch items and other free food was given away. They also gave away free prizes. I hope that we can implement these and many more strategies for our Program Committee so our membership can grow like Framingham’s board did.


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