Kay’s Ed Sessions!

In the first day of NACA I went to an ed session called ‘Social Justice:when diversity isn’t enough’. I had no idea what to except. But once Jessica Pettit started this ed session I was inspired. She took lecturing about diversity in a different way. She stated at the beginning that every one judges and it’s okay. All that matters is what you say out loud. You inside voice is fine it’s natural and the way out background thinks about things. Trying to change this assumptions is very hard. We did am activity where she gave us 14 ‘types’ of people and can only save 10. We then analyzed how people think about how to approach this. It was a very interesting activity. Jessica also came to bridgewater this semester for a professional dinner and others said she was amazing and now I under stand.

On the second day I got to go to two ed sessions. The first one was called ‘this is where our book begins’. This ed session was not as interesting as the first because our e-board and program committee is put together very well. This ed session was about how to re grow a programming board. What I toke from this session was two things. One was our program committee rocks! And the second thing is what we call our general members could help make them feel more special.

The second one of the day was ‘combatting groupthink:mean girl edition’. This ed session was put on by members of uconn program board. This ed session was interesting, I had no idea what group think was. What I learned was group think is when in groups peoples ideas become suppressed through many ways. This is something that is helpful to be aware of because everyone has diffrent ways of coming up and expressing there opinion. As a leaders we should make sure we have an open environment. Also a suggestion box is a great idea. Having the right kind of environment allows us to grow! This growing would include trying NEW events! Then the last thing I learned was allowing all opinions is great but then criticizing correctly is key. This is hard because we never intend to hurt people feelings and this brings us back around to group think.

The last day we also went to two ed sessions. The first one was ‘fight?club’ which everyone fights so I went it kind of excited to learn how to deal with fights. In this session I learned that the most important question is why? Asking why or what did you just hear me say? Is important to make sure that what you say and mean to say and what they hear is all the same. The second thing is there are many diffrent type of ways to process fights an conflicts but recognizing this is key. There is no wrong or right way to process fighting or conflict just knowing that everyone does it differently. And only talk about you and how you feel. An exercise to try is continue start stop. And have everyone to right down three things of each to continue start and stop to do.

And the last ed session was member retention. I think a lot of the things they do we also do but something interesting was during there retreat they plan a event and that event actually happens. I think this is what ‘A Frigid Affair’ is trying to be a member crated and put on event. I think getting out our name more and even putting our member meetings and time on a tee shirt could be fun!

I learned a lot from NACA. I lot of new things that program committee can grow from, but also I learned a lot as a leader.


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