Oh my goodness! NACA day 1. What a day. This is my first NACA and I was not sure what to expect. From what people told me, I knew it was going to be loud, busy and full of spirit (right up my ally). 

Our delegation arrived bright and early. We unpacked and explored the hotel and convention center before getting lunch. After, we went to the kick off event where Matt Miller welcomed everyone (BSU represent!). I then attended my first ED session all about Low Cost Programming led by Dave Zamansky from the University of New Hampshire. He gave very unique program ideas to do in residence halls or campus wide with 5 tips to make a program successful, and yet still very affordable. One of my favorites was taking cheap tooth brushes, heating them up and shaping them into a bracelet! 

Throughout the day, our delegation became friends with the Eastern Connecticut University delegation. They are super friendly and loud, just like us, so we collaborated at a meal time and did a cheer together!

My favorite part of the day was CAMP. At CAMP, I saw all different types of talent to potentially bring back to campus. One of my favorites was glow in the dark mini golf and the magicians! There was also a giant Canadian Lynx (cat) which blew my mind because I love cats. 

Throughout the day we were very loud and full of BSU spirit! We screamed our chants and cheers to show off our BSU pride. I was surprised we didn’t get the spirit stick first, but I am confident we will get it soon!! I am very excited for our outfits tomorrow.

Look out NACA NE! BSU has arrived! 😀




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