Day 1 complete!

So day 1 of NACANE is complete! It was a lot to take in at first but arriving early helped so much. I volunteered in the morning with welcoming delegations. There were only a few delegations that checked in at my volunteer time. While volunteering we were with some of the Uconn delegation members in which me and Loryn were asking about the events they do and certain programs. We have a few ideas to bring back to BSU including a One Ton sundae.
After that is was orientation time. We learned more about NACA. A lot of the terms we already knew as we had a lot of pre conference meetings.
Next up was the conference kick off. This included a wicked cool DJ Ravidrums. The event was very high intensity and fun.
After that we had sampler showcases in which artists showed their talents. Some of which I would like to bring to BSU. We have a ton of ideas so far to suggest for our events.
Next up we had another Educational session in which I got a sneak peak of CAMP( campus activities market place). There were a ton of booths and so much free stuff. We had 2 chances, each one hour to go through CAMP and gather stuff. In between all this we did have dinner which was alright, nothing too special. I can’t wait for day 2 to see what that has in store for me.

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