And let the fun begin!

Today around 3 today I arrived to CT and was overwhelmed. Especially that initial walk in to the conference. The first thing we did was a showcase session. And the performers all look just so important. It was great to see a couple people do there thing. Someone that stood out to me was Matt Beilis. He came out and honestly I was expecting a completely different type of music. But once he hit his first note I was taken aback. I didn’t know he came to our school before. I want him back!! His raspy voice was amazing and something I could listen to and I think others will love him too!

CAMP was amazing! I loved getting to talk to artists and see there passion about what they do. It’s just so inspiring! Also, I really like to see everyone’s twist on events. For example, electric yoga, monster golf, electronic games, and so much more! It was great to meet everyone and I can not wait for the fun filled day and so much more!!!


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