Up, up, and NACA 2013 away!

Hello hello, my name is Ismaris Ocasio, but lets make it easy and call me Izzy. I am a sophomore at Bridgewater State University majoring in Communications with a concentration in media studies. I am the Bridgewater Entertainment At Night chair here at BSU and can I just say I love every little aspect of programing from initiating ideas, to working with my subcommittee, to seeing my event come to life. As a Comm major focused on media studies, I hope to one day work in the entertainment business, working with artists and talents of all sorts. Which is why I feel going to NACA will be a beneficial for my position on E-board and for my future career plans. I absolutely can not wait to see all the varied talents, ed sessions, and everything else NACA has to offer. I can already see I will grow a lot from the experience and have fun there as well; spirit team we are going to define spirit at NACA, just wait & see. Woahhhh!! So excited, BSU at NACA here we come!


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