The Countdown to NACA begins!

Hey everyone my name is Nick Burns and I’m a junior here at BSU studying Geography. I am also an ambassador for Program Committee. My role within the organization is to welcome new members and answer any questions they might have. There are a couple reasons why I am excited for NACA. For one this is my first time ever going to NACA and I have heard so many exciting stories about how awesome the conference is. I am also excited to see how other programing boards work. I would also like to learn tons of new ideas to bring back to BSU through education sessions. I am not really nervous about NACA, I am much more excited than nervous. As we get closer and closer to going to the conference I might be a little more nervous as I want our school swap table to be AWESOME and hopefully be able to win some awards.  I am hoping to get many things out of my experience from NACA. I want to bring new and exciting event ideas back to BSU that all students might enjoy. I would also like to get new ideas on how to increase our membership. I can’t wait for NACA!


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