Last First NACA Post!! :)

Hello all!  My name is Loryn Moynihan, aka LoMo.  I am the President of PC, and I am beyond thrilled to be going to my fourth and final NACA Northeast Conference!!!   At past Conferences, I’ve presented multiple ed sessions or worked as a student volunteer on the RCPC.  This year I am hoping to get back to basics with NACA.  I want to go to as many Ed Sessions, Showcases, and CAMPs as possible.  I  hope to make numerous new connections with other programming boards and student affairs professionals.  Above all, I am excited to see how BSU represents in spirit, School Swap, Excellence in Programming, etc.  I would really just like for the entire group to win at least one award. Finally, I look forward to seeing how the fabulous Matt Miller does as Conference Chair.  I think he will do an amazing job and provide us with the best Conference that I have been to yet.  I am not nervous for much with this conference; but, if I had to choose one thing, I would say that I am worried that I won’t make the most out of this final Conference.  I can’t wait to see this delegation come together!  Less than one month until we depart on this adventure!  🙂

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