First Blog Ever.

Hi my name is Kassaundra Przelomski, every one calls me Kay.  I am also the Director of Finance for Program Committee. And this is my first blog ever and that is kind exciting. I am excited about NACA because I want to learn and see what other people do in there ‘Program Committee’. I know what we do and what we have done in the past couple years, and I feel like we could always grow. Our Membership as part of Program Committee could be larger and stronger, but how? That is the question. I also know what NACA is from other people, but I don’t think I really know what I am getting myself into. I am excited for the conference weekend in a couple weeks! I am kind of frustrated I won’t be able to go down early because my classes take up a lot of time. That’s okay because once we all are there it will be a fun and educational at the same time! (Yea I said that)


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