Final NACA Blog… EVER!

Ah! Guys… this is my last NACA blog : o (

As always, NACA was an absolutely incredible experience. I had a ton of fun and it went by way too quickly.

Something I learned from Central Connecticut State University that I really liked was that they completely restructured their E-Board. They have 4 general programmers that are in charge of all of their events. This was really awesome for me to learn about because I think it would be great if everyone knew how to program all events. It allows everyone to take ownership of the events being put on.

Something I learned from Loryn is how to prepare and be confident while presenting. I was so nervous to present for Excellence in Programming but Loryn was there every step of the way to evaluate any problems that could come up and tell me that it wasn’t going to be that scary. Watching how confident and prepared Loryn was made me so much more relaxed and challenged me to be the same way. I truly admire how well Loryn carries herself and how awesome of a job she did on all of her presentations!

I plan to bring back the restructuring process that I learned about. I think PC could use a change and it would be a really great experience to get to help create it. I want to see PC grow as an organization and I think this is a perfect way to start the process.

NACA made me realize how far I’ve come in the “personal” sense. I was incredibly intimidated by the block booking process but once I learned more about it, I became so much more confident. I led discussions, worked the room and talked to a lot of great performers and agents. This was a big step for me because of how introverted I am.

For next years delegation, I recommend writing down a timeline for when things need to be finished. School Swap comes up quick and you want to make sure everyone is prepared. I also recommend making someone a point person or leader for School Spirit. BSU should strive to get that Spirit Stick next year and I think if you have a confident leader, we’ll get it without a problem. I also recommend just a point person in general. Someone should have where everyone’s blogs are, all cell phone numbers and just an overall game plan for the day. People get tired or forgetful over those long days so it’s nice to know that at least one person is fully prepared and ready.

Thanks so much for an awesome year at NACA everyone! You were an amazing delegation and I am so happy that I got to experience this with all of you! : o )


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