So Long! Farewell! Auf Weidersehen! Goodbye!

In terms of things I didn’t know before, I definitely learned a lot from other schools through both of the Ed Sessions that I presented.  Through Jen and I’s member retention roundtable discussion, I learned multiple ways of engaging members more in member meetings.  For example, members can help facilitate ice breakers or run various parts of the meeting.  Through Emily and I’s presentation on Traditions, I learned that traditions don’t have to be a big production.  For instance, one school has a tradition where, on the first rainy day of spring, they all go mud diving in a large puddle on the equivalent of their quad.  This event is simple, cheap and student-driven; but, it makes a huge impact, and first year students look forward to it all fall semester.

While I didn’t get to spend as much time with the BSU delegation as I would have liked, they still taught me a lot.  In particular, from Dave Twombly and Amanda, I learned more about GAC, i.e what its mission is and what its goals are for the coming year.  I think it is great to have this kind of organization on campus.  From Mary, I learned more about what kinds of events appeal to certain subsets of the student body, particular the Open Mic following.  

I think I will definitely bring back a renewed interest in member interests.  As a former VP of Membership, members, whether it be their leadership development or their personal experience with the organization, are very important to me.  Jen and I’s roundtable discussion reminded me about how we have so much farther to go with really involving our member’s in the event planning process in order to develop them as better leaders and encourage their involvement with the future of the organization.  

Personally, NACA reminded me why I absolutely love being involved in Program Committee.  Per usual, the Conference left me energized and brimming with so many ideas.  It was so wonderful for me to see so many members of PC and from other organizations so completely engaged and benefitting from the Conference.  Additionally, my position on the RCPC was an awesome networking opportunity for me.  I really enjoyed connecting with students from other schools and realizing that we all have similar challenges, regardless of our demographic.  I also liked being able to meet dozens of Student Affairs to learn about all of the many different paths you can take in the field.

To next year’s delegation, I would definitely recommend appointing a head student for both Conference preparation and for being at the Conference itself.  This person could be in charge of coordinating the School Swap efforts beforehand.  And, then, at the Conference, be responsible for getting the delegation riled up and spirited.  They could also serve as a point person for information and for facilitating activities amongst the group once at the Conference, especially since our advisors tend to be fairly involved in the Conference itself.

Overall, another phenomenal NACA experience again this year!  Can I go 4 for 4 next year?!  🙂


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