Last NACA Blog- Live @ BSU Edition

I learned so much at NACA this year. From other schools I have learned the using instagram and pinterest are great ways to get your school excited for upcoming events. In the BSU Delegation was able to learn a lot about other organizations on our campus and their willingness to really share idea with each other even though at some times we3 can look disconnected. From NACA I brought new ideas for the organization especially some awesome new novelties and performers that could be great on our campus. Personally for me NACA had a big impact. It really showed me what kind of leader I am and want to be. It was an eye opener to be at a conference to be with other leaders from other school and realize how I want to be represented in our school and see by others. For next year’s delegation I advised that you sleep a lot before hand because you won’t there, take in the whole experience and grasp all you can, meet the school that are there and really listen to what their ideas are, and lastly just have fun. This experience was of the best I have ever had and one I could never regret because of all that I have learned from it. See you later NACA!


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