Adios NACA

Well, here it goes, my last blog of NACA 😦

One thing I learned from another school is that they actually e-mail other organizations while they are at NACA and they carry a campus calender with them so they know when to book or not book performers! Genius, but not sure how this would work at BSU…

One thing I learned from someone in our delegation is that Frank is the Vice President of RHA, which I thought was pretty cool and it was nice to get to know someone from RHA. Because of him, I actually attended one of their meetings this semester!

Things I brought back from NACA were definitely some ideas of how we can improve relations with members and ideas for new and unique events!

Since attending NACA, I have been more aware of member development and recognition, this is something I am trying very hard to improve with my position.

One thing I would recommend in preparing for next semester is to definitely organize before setting out into CAMP. My first year I just went into it and wandered around, but it definitely helps if you have a plan of which booths you want to visit and how you are going to approach agents and performers.

Peace out NACA! Until next year!


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