Au Revoir, NACA!

Even though I was only at NACA for three days, it was an unbelievable weekend. I learned so many things about traditions at other schools and how to improve campus-wide pride on our own campus through these kind of events. I also learned a lot about RHA from Frank and Dave because I didn’t know a whole lot about their budget or how their programs are run. It’s really cool to meet so many students from other schools and get to know students from your own school a lot better than you did before!

I have plenty of ideas for performers and traditions to bring back to PC and BTN. I also thought of a bunch of ways to promote co-sponsorship between the organizations that attended NACA, as well as others on our campus too. Kelly & I even came back with a list of possible new traditions for BTN that we got from our ed. session! I’m still so grateful that I was able to attend this conference because I got to know the delegation on a more personal level and have a fun weekend together with them. I also overcame my fear of public speaking and surprised myself with how well the ed session I presented with Joanne and Kelly went! Despite how short it is, NACA will leave a long-lasting impression on me, and I came back with so many fun memories.

I hope next year’s delegation will be ready for the craziness. Don’t get too overwhelmed, and don’t forget to have fun. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone – talk to as many students from other schools as you can during ed. sessions, visit that performer’s booth at CAMP that sounded really cool, and give yourselves plenty of time to plan an awesome display for school swap! NACA is an experience that you won’t get anywhere else, so make sure you take everything in and go into it with an open mind! You might come home a little tired, but it will be one of the best weekends ever!


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