Final Post from NACA 2012

As we all know, NACA was amazing. There were many things that I took away from NACA. I learned how influential the Street Team is on other college campuses by hearing from other students and faculty members. From the BSU delegation I learned that many people are involved in other clubs, and they are willing to co-sponsor many different programs with us, because some of the events PC wants to see happen- they want to see happen as well.
I will bring back the energy that I got from NACA from the performers that we bring that I saw showcased if we bring them on campus. Personally, NACA showed me how being a leader on campus really does make a difference, and I have a voice to use to bring things that I want (and what I think other people want) to our school. To prepare for NACA, I think next year’s delegation should not be as afraid as I was to go to NACA. I think they should go in prepared to take many things out of NACA, and take advantage of the different ed sessions, and the different performers and programs NACA is displaying. Even though at some points you can get lost in the crazy, but you should be open minded to the different things that you can experience. I would also recommend that everyone apply, because it is one of the best weekends ever.

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