NACA Day 3 Live @ BSU Edition

So it’s the last day of NACA. My Ed sessions were great as always. The first one was about what every event planner should know. The second one was on of my favorites. We talked about issues or challenges that could go on before during or even after an event. We were able to talk about solutions to those problems and it was like an open forum discussion.

My Favorite showcase at NACA on thus day was Six Appeal. Not only did they sing from one of my favorite song the lion king but also they are and acappella. They were amazing and I hope they will be able to come to our school.

My favorite part of the day was camp. This was the last time I was able to go speak to all the great performers and venues at camp. I got to get some last minute information from performers. I said good-bye to the people I had met. Also we got some awesome nurf guns that I cannot wait to bring back to campus. GOOD-BYE NACA!


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