NACA Posts From DOC Pride :)

NACA Day 3


Today was a great day! My first ed session was about student affairs! It was quite interesting and he talked a lot about how people should get involved in leadership activities early on if they want to pursue this path.

The second Ed session was about marketing. This was interesting because Makenzie and I brought a lot to the group. The people leading the session were from a small school, so it was hard to connect marking strategies.

My favorite showcase was the spoken word poets- especially Jinahie. She was so creative, and her poetry was really engaging!

One of my favorite parts of today was when the A Capella group,the Six Appeal sang their version of ‘The Circle Of Life’. It was mind blowing. Also, I got to meet Jinahie, and she was so nice! It is so cool to be able to come up to her and talk to her. I also got to speak to Eric Dittelman and the magician, Norman who both came to BSU before. They remember coming, and they want to come back! I hope that everyone gets a chance to listen and watch the road show!



Today was the second day of wonderful NACA! MY first ed session was good. It was about Social Media, but it was just breaking down the different functions of the different social media! I even had the opportunity to speak in front of the whole room! Which never really happens to me!

The second one was quite interesting. It focused on the different marketing tools that different schools use. I learned about how the street team is used in different schools.

My favorite showcase was the comedy/magician who used balloons. I also really liked Svet, and the acapella group!

My favorite part of the day was when we got to sit on the couches which means that we got to sit in the best seats in the house! Mackenzie got serenaded! I of course, took a lot of pictures! I GOT TO HOLD AN ALAGATOR! So basically, my dream came true :) We started the Road Show today, and that was pretty fun to film (Shout out to Frank- our camera man!) I also liked meeting a member of the acapella group! Also, I liked watching the Improv people! Ah! So many great things happened today, and many fun things are ahead tomorrow!


NACA Day One 🙂


Sorry! This post was only posted on my personal blog!


Hello friends! My ed session was about ethical decision making. It was awesome to get a break down of what ethics are, and how to make hard decisions.

My favorite showcase was the poet, Fiyah Fly. She was so down to earth on and off stage. She had a really interesting history that transcended into her poetry, thy made you want to keep listening to what she has to say!

I had many favorite parts of the day. I got to met a comedian that had been on many popular tv shows- including Modern Family! He was so nice and down to earth too! I got to see a lynx in real life! I just really love hanging out with some of the greatest people from BSU, and capturing it with my camera! Stay tuned to them! Also, the showcases were mind blowing! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!


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