Finally Getting the Chance to Blog!!! :)

Okay, so admittedly, this is my first time blogging about this year’s Conference…and I am so sorry for that…but hopefully this one post will best capture my NACA NE experience this year.

This year I was fortunate enough to have a position on the Conference Planning Committee.  I served as the Foundation Fundraiser Coordinator on the Student Projects Team.  This was an absolutely fantastic opportunity, and I am very grateful and happy that I was able to take advantage of it.  During the Conference itself, I was busy a lot of the time either with my position, or with helping the other two students work on their positions (Graphics Competition and School Swap).  As a result, I did not get to spend as much time with the BSU delegation as I would have liked, nor did I get to attend many Ed Sessions or Showcases.  However, I still would not trade my experience on the Planning Committee for the world.  It was wonderful to be able to network closely with two students and multiple Student Affairs professionals over the course of the past year.  I also really enjoyed seeing all of the behind the scenes details and coordination that goes into a conference that I hold so near and dear to my heart.  One of the best parts about my positions was that I had unlimited access to get into CAMP (haha, jk, except not really).

And, of course, I loved being able to raise money for such an important cause, the NACA Foundation.  All and all, we raised about $900.  This is not as much as I would have liked; but, it definitely caused me to brainstorming multiple ideas about revamping the position and fundraising efforts for next year, which I will be sure to pass along.  More importantly, however, we did raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief through out the Conference by selling red ribbons for a suggestion donation of $2.  We raised close to $600, and that I am truly proud of.

While at NACA this year, I also had the privilege of being able to present three different times.  The first was an Ed Session on Traditions with one of my fellow student volunteers, Emily Greagori from JWU.  I think that this presentation went quite well. We gave students concrete steps that they could take to start a tradition on their campus, and we left a lot of time for discussion, which generated a lot of very interesting ideas for traditions.  These ranged anywhere from pageants to ice cream days to naked events (?).    My second Ed Session I presented alongside the amazing Jen Harvey.  This session was a round table discussion format.  Jen and I shared a little bit about what BSU does to retain and recognize members, and attendees shared  A LOT back.  Overall, the discuss flowed really well, and I think Jen and I both benefited from the some of the ideas.  Some of which we may bring back to PC, so watch out!  The final presentation is the one that I am most proud of.  This was the Excellence in Programming award presentation with Shannon Sullivan.  I think we both did a fabulous job showcasing our programming board’s talent and success.  It certainly reminded me why I love and am so proud of PC.  Even though we didn’t win, I think we both grew from the experience and picked up a few pointers for next year.

Overall, my third NACA experience is one that I will never forget.  I grew so much as a leader as a result, and I am certainly energized and refocused with so many ideas to bring back to the BSU campus.


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