Saturday’s A Great Day to be at NACA

Today was a great day! My first ed. session was called “Toy Box Leadership.” The presentation compared old childhood toys and different aspects of leadership. I thought it was a neat presentation, and I would love to see some of BSU’s emerging leaders take part in a similar presentation.

During the second set of ed. sessions, I got to present with Joanne and Kelly, two of my favorite people! I’m still really honored that I was chosen to present with them (and I’m still impressed that I didn’t mess up). Our presentation entitled “The ABCs of Building and Reorganizing of Campus Traditions” had a pretty good crowd, and together we all discussed some great ideas for building and re-structuring traditions on campus. I can’t wait to bring some new ideas back to BTN!

My favorite showcase was the final showcase because of Eric Dittelman and Six Appeal. I would LOVE to see Six Appeal come to campus because they were such a talented a cappella group!

I loved getting to hang out with the delegation during our meals together, and it was awesome getting to see so many mind-blowing magic tricks in camp. Overall, Saturday was a fantastic day here at NACA, and I’m so sad to be leaving soon.

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