NACA Day 3

It was my lat day of NACA yesterday and I started my day off with my educational session, The Audience Speak by Cindy Kane and Michael Miller. Th presentation was very good and very helpful as it taught me how to make my presentations better in the future.

My second educational session was called Roles and Goals. This session was good because it made me sit down and think for a while about how my roles will be changing next semester and what goals I should create for that change.

My favorite showcase of the day was MC Mr Napkins. He was a very funny comedian who rapped about random things like an aggressive bee and a childhood stuffed pig. I think he would go over very well at BSU.

My final day at NACA was bittersweet because it was a lot of fun but I didn’t want it to end. As always there was a lot of great showcases all day and at CAMP I got to meet some more talents who were pretty impressive. The closing dinner was very cool and even though we didn’t win a fancy award I was still proud of everything BSU did, especially when Matt Miller was announced as next years conference chair. That’s all I have for NACA and I’m sad to be leaving, it has been a blast.


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