Naca day two :) live @ BSU edition

Well day two has rolled around and although it was tiring it was a world wind of fun. As usual we started with our Ed sessions. Although my first one was cancelled I was able to go to a replacement. Bothy sessions had to do with different aspects of social media. The first one explained the social media outlets themselves and the second one explained ways to use them. Both were in treating and I got a lot out of them. I did find the second one more interesting and really helped me find ways to better improve our schools social medias aspect of marketing. After these we moved onto showcases.
My favorite showcase was overboard. They were an acaprlla group. Not only were they great but we got best seat in the house for this showcase. They had amazing voices and one of them even sang to Mackenzie. Also as they walked on stage I realized I had known one of them. It was Fredo from Hyannis sound! They are one of my favorite acapella groups. This was definitely one of my high lights of my day.
My favorite part of the day was deciding who I think I going to being to Bridgewater. I won’t give up too much. It’s an awesome magician. So I hope Bridgewater is ready. The magical times are coming! 🙂


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