NACA Day 2

My first educational session, In Pursuit of Your Career, was all about highlighting student leadership on your professional résumé so it looks impressive for a job. We also broke up into smaller groups for good discussion and practice writing about how our leadership position can be conveyed well on a résumé.

My second educational session, Build Something in the Dark, opened my eyes to the world of programming late night, meaning a program that goes from about 10pm to 2am. There was a lot of great large group and small group discussions about how late night programming works on different campuses but I’m not sure how some of them would apply to Bridgewater.

My favorite showcase of the day was Improv Asylum, a comedic improv group out of Boston. They went out into the crowd, found people, leaned a small bit of something about them, and then rap battled on stage as that person against other members of the group and it was hysterical and very high energy. I would love them to come to campus either for RHA or during orientation even though they’re a bit pricy.

Overall, day 2 was so much fun and NACA just keeps getting better. I didn’t think it was possible but the showcases just keep getting better each time. Also, I’ve been enjoying CAMP more and more each time as I get to more booths and talk to more talents. James David is my favorite person to visit at CAMP because he is hilarious and does very impressive fake magic. Next CAMP, I’m on a mission to find some mind readers to sample! That’s it for this installment of NACA Northeast.


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